A couple converts an old school bus into an elegant tiny home powered by solar energy.

Nothing beats the feeling of spending the rest of your life in the home of your dreams. We all have our own version of the ‘humble abode’ we’ve fantasized about since we were children. However, for Nicholas and Francesca, the ideal shelter is a home that appreciates their adventurous spirit. It all began with a documentary. Nicholas and Francesca looked at each other and knew it was their next big decision after being inspired by a couple traveling across the country.

After a month of planning and hard work, the loving couple transformed an old school bus into an elegant home on wheels that runs on solar energy. “We didn’t really need all of the space that we had in our Chicago house. We enjoyed having the freedom to explore and go on adventures. And I think we’re just feeling like we’re stuck in a rut.” Nicholas and Francesca were unhappy with their day jobs prior to the construction of their school bus-turned off-the-grid mobile home.

Every week in Chicago, both had to put in at least 60 hours of work. This couple has always had a wanderlust within them, waiting to be released. On weekends, Nicholas and Francesca enjoy going on hikes, walking their dogs, and exploring. The couple reasoned that if they could make these activities the focal point of their lifestyle, they would be able to reclaim their freedom and enjoy their youth.

The daring couple wasn’t going to wait several years to make their dreams come true. They purchased an old school bus from North Carolina at an auction and converted it into a smaller shelter. The skoolie can operate in the mountains and remote areas thanks to five 100-watt solar panels, a wood-burning stove, and an 80-gallon water tank. The bus measures 38 feet long by 7.5 feet wide. The elegant stonework on the entrance, the solar panel, and the dashboard-turned-couch are the first things you’ll notice.

Solar powered.

The 10-foot couch that pulls out into a massive bed is not far from the driver’s seat. It’s large enough to accommodate both Nicholas and Francesca, as well as their dogs. The large convertible bed is also useful for guests. Several photos on the couple’s Instagram, @happyhomebuddies, show how their furry friends enjoy hanging out on Francesca’s comfortable sofa.

“We’ve never really settled into our homes, and we’ve never been able to show ourselves in our homes like this and get everything we wanted. We were able to build our dream home by going smaller.” Watch the video to get a complete tour of this incredible school bus conversion.

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