The world’s tiniest couple who won everyone’s heart. How they live now?

Love has no bounds. She has the ability to bring people together and make them happy. Brazilians Paulo Barros and Katyusia Hoshino are a good example. Dwarfism causes them to be shorter than 90 cm. They met on a dating website in 2006. Paulo was immediately taken with Katyusia, but she.

He was too annoying for her, so she blocked him. But she let him back in after 18 months. They began talking, then meeting, and after four years, they moved in together. Paulo proposed to her in 2016, and they married on September 18 of that year.

The media covered their wedding, making them famous almost immediately. The Guinness Book of World Records also named them the world’s shortest couple. They now have a YouTube channel where they share beauty and cooking tips (Katyusia owns a beauty salon). Their channel is already watched by over 500,000 people.

Paulo obtained his driver’s license and is now the world’s shortest driver. Of course, the machine is designed for a man’s height. He works as a legal secretary. The couple does not yet have any children, but they hope to have many in the future. According to the couple, their happiness stems from how much they love each other, which helps them get through difficult times.

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