Man Shows How He Scored $1,000 On A Cheap Thrift Store Flip

This TikTok user is here to show their fellow users how they can make a lot of money by selling items they find at thrift stores. As you can see in the video, there is a lot of money to be made if you take the initiative. Splash, the creator, is more than happy to provide us with a helpful tutorial. He was complaining about the prices at first, but then the British shopper discovered a pair of cuff links for $2.

Best of all, they are much more expensive. “I did some research on Google and these are retailing for £995 [$1,192], which is insane,” he says in the video. “That’s an insane profit.” Splash then went to TJ Maxx and paid $15 for a pair of black gloves. He claimed to have made over $1,000 despite spending less than $20. Of course, there were plenty of people in the comments who claimed he was lying about his earnings.

They even used blue cap emojis, which is how you know the internet doesn’t believe what you’re saying. For those who do not speak Gen Z fluently, the blue cap emojis mean “cap,” which is what the kids will tell you when they suspect you are lying. Others, meanwhile, were criticizing him and claiming that his actions were unethical. “Scummy behavior,” one user commented.

“I love how you’re complaining about the charity shop price when this guy is selling it for the third time even higher,” another person said. “50% of people in the comments aren’t thinking straight, I’m literally donating to charities bro,” Splash responded. Of course, because he considers the initial purchase to be a donation, we don’t know how much of this money is actually donated.

Others pointed out that it is people like him who are to blame for rising thrift store prices. “Resale is becoming increasingly mainstream as consumers seek out value options, both in terms of price and sustainability,” said Ken Fenyo of Thred Up. He believes that resale is the future of retail, and it’s difficult to disagree with him.

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