A couple discovers a web of lies hidden behind new drywall just days after moving into their dream home.

In Minneapolis, John Kozlik and his partner thought they’d found the perfect house. It was advertised as move-in ready and newly remodeled, with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a fenced-in yard for their foster dogs to play in. The couple offered $10,000 more than the asking price to the seller, a house flipper. The house was originally appraised at $360,000.

When their offer was accepted, their big purchase was completed, and they finally moved in, John was overjoyed. However, only four days after the move, things began to fall apart when a minor rainstorm caused a leak in the basement. “They bought the house from a couple who claimed to have lived there and done the work themselves,” CBS Minnesota reported.

“The couple had formed a company with two other business partners under the name Ace of Spaces, LLC and sold Kozlik the house. However, the sellers dissolved the company one day after he discovered the water problems, all within a week of the final sale.” After water began to seep through, John and his partner were forced to rip up a third of their finished home and tear into the new drywall, revealing every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

So, only a few days after purchasing their dream home, John realized they’d been duped by the sellers.

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