To avoid incurring massive mortgage debt, a woman constructs an enchanting tiny home on the family farm. Take a look inside!

This remarkable young woman from New Zealand is living a life that many of us can only dream of. Ruby, an accomplished gardener, built herself a charming little home on the farm that has been passed down through generations (multi-generational). She was born and raised in the neighborhood, therefore she has a great attachment to it. Ruby kept her home simple and modest because she hoped to be mortgage-free before the age of 30. As a consequence, she built a little house with separate structures for a shower, a laundry room, and a toilet.

Ruby sitting on the couch in her tiny home in New Zealand

Ruby is a descendant of Bethel. In the late 1800s, her grandfather was one of the area’s first European inhabitants. Her grandparents originally owned the 700-acre farm. They had the lake and the sand dunes, but they had to sell part of it since Ruby couldn’t keep it. Ruby now owns 350 acres of farmland, swampland, and waterfalls. In other words, she’s in paradise! “I feel like I’m on vacation every time I go home from work.” “This is the best experience I’ve ever had,” she said.

Ruby's outdoor toilet

Ruby has no plans to leave since her ancestors and origins are all present. She cherishes her family’s connection to the land and considers it a part of her identity. In this location, Ruby may find adventure just outside her door. When she is not tending to her garden,

Ruby in her outdoor bathtub

Ruby likes riding her motorbike, surfing, and swimming in the nearby lake. Ruby’s home trailer was given to her by her father, who works in the film industry and obtains different vehicles for production. To save money, Ruby designed the inside and mostly used items obtained through buy and sell networks.

Ruby's outdoor bathroom

She also inquired with her friends if they had any extra stuff she might borrow. Ruby enjoys the lovely views outside while relaxing in her outdoor bathtub. “It’s nice looking out over the marsh from up there,” she said. This woman has one of the most incredible lives I’ve ever seen! View the video below to receive a tour of her property.

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