‘I did not invite my son-in-law to our family dinner because he is not as successful as my children,’ reveals a woman.

A woman who claimed she did not invite her son-in-law to Christmas dinner because he was not as successful as her children was chastised online. She explained on Reddit that her husband has two children from a previous relationship: a 31-year-old son and a 35-year-old daughter. “His daughter lives in another country but has little contact with us, so we have little to do with her,” she explained.

“His son lives only 15 minutes away, and we see him on occasion. “He’s not a bad guy; he’s just not like my husband and me,” the mother continued. “When they were both in their teens, their real mother died.” Her 41-year-old son is a “very successful” stockbroker, and her husband’s son is a “moderately successful” photographer.

“We invited his son four years ago, and while he tried to fit in, it just wasn’t a good fit. He thought it was appropriate to arrive in jeans and a t-shirt; I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t look anyone in the eyes,” she went on. “Ever since that year, we decided not to invite him again, and this never seemed to be an issue until this year.

“We arrived at his house early in the morning. We had plans to go over to my son’s house at around 11:00 a.m., so we just dropped off a gift for him and left. He didn’t buy anything for us. “Later that day, my husband texted him to ask if he had enjoyed the rest of Xmas, to which he replied, ‘Oh right, that’s what today was, thanks for the chocolate and 3-minute visit’.

“My husband was irritated, but I was outraged. I wanted to call him and put him in his place, but my husband confiscated my phone and told me to put it away.” “It’s been two days now, he and my husband are talking again, and both seem to have just moved past it, but I’m still mad,” the woman continued. It’s not my fault that he’s less successful than my family and simply doesn’t fit in.”

Reddit users reacted quickly, with one writing, “It’s no wonder the daughter is already low-contact with you guys.” “How the hell would he magically know jeans weren’t okay or that anyone would give a s**t?” wrote another. “The father is the only surviving parent of his children,” said a third. And all he got was a three-minute visit with his own son so he could spend the rest of the day with HER child!? This is causing my head to explode.”

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