This woman delivered a baby weighing 7 kg. This is how he seemed now after three years.

Natalia, a Ukrainian native, gave birth to a child weighing just over 7 kilograms in 2018. The doctors were astounded by the birth of such a hero. The child, whose name was Kolya, is now three years old. Find out what happened to him. Furthermore, Nikolai was the Dyadko family’s seventh child. Natalia began to experience significant pain in her seventh month of pregnancy.

She quickly gained weight and her legs swelled, making walking difficult. It became clear that the baby would be large when he was born, but no one predicted his size. Despite the obvious difficulties, the birth went smoothly, and the mother and infant were delivered on the fourth day. As soon as he was born, the baby was eating and absorbing his mother’s milk.

The child is already nearly four years old. On the surface, he appears to be slightly larger than his contemporaries; however, doctors say his weight is not excessive and there is no cause for concern. It is an intriguing fact that each child in their family is born heavier than the previous one.
Kolya’s seven sisters were all strong and healthy. Their weight started at 5 kg, which was already impressive.

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