A child dials 911 to request assistance from a police officer. The reason for this had me in tears.

Some parents teach their children to call the police if they require immediate assistance or their lives are in danger. However, a child called the police to deal with a different type of issue.

A 4-year-old was experiencing a “severe” problem, and his parents were not present to assist him. So, what exactly did he do? He dialed 911 for immediate assistance, as instructed. That was the only phone number he was familiar with.

The answering machine began asking the standard questions. After a brief conversation, the operator realized what the child required assistance with, and everyone burst into tears. The complete phone conversation is available below. It moved me to tears, especially when his mother appeared at the end.

A YouTube video of the entire conversation is available at the end of the article. View the video below:

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