Man converts retired military truck into stylish, modern tiny home and lives on the road full time

The transformation of a 1994 Stewart & Stevenson M1079 military truck into a tiny home is incredible. Michael Ladden paid $18,000 for a military truck and spent $80,000 to transform it into a stunning tiny home overlander that he can take anywhere. It is remarkable because it appears to be a rugged truck from the outside, but once inside, you will not believe it is a truck.

Outside view of Mike's orange military truck.

Mike is one of the founders of the travel company Drive Globe Overland Adventures, and he’s always on the lookout for new places to visit. He embarked on a 220,000-mile journey a few years ago, intending it to be the most epic adventure in the company’s 25-year history. He accomplished this feat with a 41-year-old Mercedes Unimog outfitted with a custom overland expedition trailer until 2021.

Mike standing in the kitching inside the his tiny home.

He did, however, find an overland rig that was previously a military truck and converted it into a stunning tiny home with a comfortable bedroom, bathroom, shower room, and full kitchen. According to Mike, one advantage of purchasing a military truck is that they are well-maintained and built to be extremely durable. He picked up his 5,000-mile-old military truck.

Tiny home's mini fridge and freezer under double ceramic sink

Mike stated that his background is not in truck building or any of the other things he does. As a result, he watched numerous YouTube videos to see other people’s builds and built his truck in a variety of locations, including friends’ backyards and campgrounds. Mike spent four months finishing his tiny house. Watch the video below for a tour of this incredible tiny home in a military truck:

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