Catherine Zeta-Jones’ children have grown up and resemble their famous mother.

It must feel special to be the son and grandson of two acting legends, Michael Douglas and Kirk Douglas. Dylan Douglas, now in his twenties, is pursuing a completely different career than his famous mother, father, and grandfather. Dylan’s parents married in the year 2000. When they first started dating, the story of their romance was all over the magazines, owing to their 25-year age difference.

But neither Michael nor the stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones cared about public opinion because they knew they had found their soulmate in one another. “I don’t take any of this for granted,” Zeta-Jones said at her wedding to People. “I run around like a little girl when I see Michael. I can’t believe I ended up in his life and he ended up in mine.”

Dylan joined the couple’s family months after they married. Cameron is Michael’s son from his previous marriage to Diandra Luker. Carys Zeta-Douglas, their daughter, was born in 2003. Michael and Catherine, both devoted parents, desired to raise their children away from the spotlight. Because they knew their children would feel the pressure of having famous parents, the family relocated to Bermuda when Dylan was only a year old.

Michael’s mother was from this island, and he spent his summers there as a child, so he thought it was the perfect place for them to be. “Bermuda creates an environment for us away from the entertainment business, and gives our kids independence and freedom in an environment where showbiz isn’t on everyone’s lips,” Douglas told the Bermuda Sun. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful place.”

Although they enjoyed their time in Bermuda, the family did not stay for long. In fact, it was Dylan’s dyslexia that drove them back to New York. Dylan attended Windward School, a dyslexia-specific school. Dylan’s life was not easy back then. Cameron, his brother, was sentenced to five years in prison, and Michael, his father, was diagnosed with stage four tongue cancer.

Dylan was attempting to adjust to his new school while his father battled the terrible disease. Fortunately, Michael won, and Dylan overcame his dyslexia thanks to his school. In fact, during a Windward School fundraiser, Dylan took advantage of the opportunity to express his gratitude to the school. He also discussed the impact his father’s illness had on his life.

Dylan’s mother shared his speech on Instagram, and everyone realized how thoughtful and kind Dylan has grown up to be. “At home, I was alone, but at school, I was far from lonely. I was free at Windward. It was like a dyslexic Mecca. “In 2010, everything was back to normal at home; I could finally see my mother again, and my father was cancer-free,” Dylan explained. “Everything was beautiful once more.”

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