This young Mother Breaks Down In Tears After People Mocked Her son’s Unique Name. What is his name?

A mother burst into tears after people on social media mocked her baby’s unusual name. Liana Jade, 24, and her husband Connor Darlington chose the name Koazy, pronounced Cozy, for their son. However, after the moniker was mocked online, she took to TikTok and posted a video defending their decision. Liana stated that the topic of unusual names was discussed on The Unplanned Podcast, hosted by Abby and Matt Howard.

While the couple did not specifically mention Koazy, they did state that unusual baby names are ‘out of control’ and ‘ridiculous.’ The hosts also stated that naming your child something unusual is a’red flag,’ adding that ‘it might not be the flex you think it is.’ That’s when Liana took to TikTok and revealed the name of her son to her followers. “Some say we named him Koazy because he was cozy in the womb. “But no,” Liana replied.

“It was a name we already had, and as I became more pregnant, people kept telling me, ‘He’s so cozy in your belly.'” “It confirmed that’s what we should call him… ‘Oh my God, it’s meant to be,’ we thought. The mother admitted that she was aware that her baby’s name would not be popular with everyone. “Everyone has the right to their own opinion. But it’s different when there’s this comment section open on such a big influencer’s video with people, fully grown adults, just sitting there slandering my baby’s name,”

she explained. Many people came to her defense, with one saying, “My family disagreed with our baby name… We’re in the UK and named our baby Randy… they hated it, and I couldn’t care less! Ignore them, dear.” “Koazy is a cute name it fits him soo well it’s so sweet and cute,” said another. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THEM.” What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us in the comments, and SHARE this story with your friends and family!

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