A couple explains how they managed to stay deeply in love for 72 years: ‘Everlasting Love’

The heartwarming sight of an elderly couple having a good time together will make you believe in eternal love. Kenneth and Faye Babin have been married for 72 years, but they are still as sweet as a newlywed couple, and videos of them are melting everyone’s heart! Kenneth, 95, and Faye, 93, have been married for more than seven decades, and their love is still strong. Their granddaughter uploaded their sweetness to TikTok, and it quickly went viral.

Kenneth and Faye cuddling on couch.

Their videos show how sweetly they interact, inspiring many netizens and making them celebrities overnight. This elderly couple exemplifies what it means to grow old together and what eternal love entails. Kenneth and Faye revealed their secret to long-lasting love in an interview with Good Morning America. “I adore my lady,” Kenneth declared. “I love you, hun,” Faye said. “My love never let you down,” he added.

Faye stated that her husband always hugs her when she is in need. “Whenever I was feeling down, I went and said, ‘I need a hug.'” ‘I need a kiss,’ I said, and he gave it to me!” Faye revealed. We frequently expect our partners to intuitively understand our thoughts and desires. However, in marriage, you must occasionally ask for what you want or need. The couple stated that they always talk things out and have never considered divorce, emphasizing the importance of communication in every relationship.

Faye, telling Kenneth she needs a hug and a kiss.

Unfortunately, most couples can talk for hours on their first dates. People eventually stop talking about difficult subjects when they come up, or they speak through silence or loud voices. Kenneth claims that they never discuss getting rid of each other. “It’s always been the other way around, sticking together,” he explained. When you are upset and angry, it is easy to say hurtful things. However, you can’t always take back hurtful words.

Kenneth and Faye enjoy spending time together. They enjoy dominoes and cards, and they hold regular poker games. They have a lot of fun together and frequently make each other laugh. “I never considered divorce. Murder, a few times, but…,” Faye laughed. Life is never easy; we must all face challenges and hardships. We must all go through difficult times. Faye and Kenneth attempted to pass the time by having fun.

Kenneth and Faye old wedding picture.

Many people who have witnessed the story of Kenneth and Faye’s eternal love have found inspiration in their marriage. Even at their age and after so many years together, they still give each other cheesy lines. People who have seen their videos online think it’s adorable. “What drew you to me?” Faye inquired of Kenneth. “I can only speak for you,” Kenneth replied.

Faye remembered Kenneth as a handsome man who could sing and play the guitar. “Put them all together; it’s very romantic,” she said, laughing. “Looks fade, but true love endures,” as the old adage goes. However, it is undeniable that attraction can spark a relationship. It takes effort, dedication, and communication to keep the spark alive, and Kenneth and Faye have these qualities. Kenneth and Faye are constantly hugging, holding hands, and kissing in their videos.

Kenneth and Faye when they were younger.

Touching or looking someone in the eyes makes it easier for you to get closer. In our hectic lives, we frequently overlook the smallest yet most important aspects of our relationships, and Kenneth and Faye demonstrated that these minor details work to keep love growing stronger. Watch the adorable video below to feel Kenneth and Faye’s eternal love:

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