Grandson Shows Grandma The House They’ll Be Buying

Grandmas have their own unique ways of expressing their love for their family, particularly their grandchildren. It’s tragic that the majority of our elderly people spend their final days in a shelter because no one in their families wants to care for them. Matthew Stewart has a special relationship with his 87-year-old grandmother, Grandma Bobbe AKA GB, and he wanted to spend as many days as possible with her.

The hilarious duo posts hilarious videos on their TikTok account, which has 2.9 million followers who enjoy GB’s wit. Matt took GB to a construction site where a house was being built last October, and later revealed that it was their future home and that GB would be moving in with them. Matt indicated the location of GB’s room. “Your sitting room will be right there, and you’ll have a bedroom in the back,” he said, making GB even more excited and overwhelmed.

Matt then told her about the special features of her bathroom, such as a high toilet and a “stand-up shower” with a bench, to ensure her comfort and safety in their new home. GB couldn’t hold back her “happy tears” as she tried to process the wonderful news. She explained that it was because she was relieved to know that someone wanted (to live with) her. Matt explained why he made such a large gesture for his grandmother.

“I know we’re all very excited,” he said. She has always been there for me during the most difficult times of my life, and now I get to care for her in her final years. “I’m extremely fortunate!” In the video below, you can see GB’s heartfelt reaction to Matt’s wonderful news.

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