The doctor’s mother happened to be in the right place at the right time and saved her son’s life.

Football is a physical sport. As a result, cases occur frequently here. There have unfortunately been fatalities. Gina Agredano was almost there when one of them happened. Furthermore, her own son could have been killed on the football field. 16-year-old Jose is a member of an American club’s youth team. The ball hit the guy in the chest in the next state championship game. In principle, the usual moment almost cost him his life.

After all, the ball struck Jose in the chest. Not everyone noticed that the young football player began to stagger after the blow, and then collapsed on the lawn. “I just felt dizzy and everything was hazy.” “I tried to keep my balance, but I collapsed after getting down on one knee.”When Gina saw her son fall, she dashed from the stands to the field. For the first second, the woman mistook the boy for having a concussion. First, the mother took Jose’s pulse and then attempted to speak to him.

The young man’s lips turned blue, and his breathing became ragged. Gina is a doctor by trade. At these times, she tried to maintain her cool and avoid thinking that she needed to resuscitate her own son. “You will not die today.” “I’m not ready to lose you,” Gina said again, massaging her heart.

It was later discovered that after hitting the ball, the boy’s heart stopped and then began to beat abnormally. I required the use of a taser. Fortunately, rescuers arrived in time to assist Gina in pulling Jose from the grave. The young man was then taken to the hospital. Everything is now fine for the young athlete. But if it hadn’t been for his mother, Jose’s career, and possibly his life, would have ended that day. Gina refused to let him die.

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