She delivered pizza to rusty trailer for years, but never saw the inside – One peek made a startling discovery

If you’ve lost faith in humanity, don’t despair; there are always people out there with gold hearts and kind deeds who can help restore it.Angela Nguyen has been a Domino’s employee for many years, and she has delivered thousands of pizzas. She has delivered pizza to a man named Lee Haase every Saturday, without fail. But then, out of nowhere, the orders ceased.

While few would notice in such a situation, Angela was concerned and decided to check on her most devoted and consistent customer.When she arrived at his house, she noticed that a large portion of the roof had been destroyed by the recent powerful storm. Unfortunately, Lee could not afford to repair his house. He had also lost his son in a snowmobile accident around the same time, and he was in a bad place in his life.

Angela attempted to locate Lee, but he was nowhere to be found. Angela’s daughter, who also delivers pizzas, discovered that he was living in a rusted trailer near his home. Unfortunately, the trailer lacked heat, running water, a sewage outlet, and electricity. Angela felt bad for Lee, so she decided to take action. “I thought we needed to do something. “We can’t let a human live like this,” she explained.

She began by purchasing an electric heater for him and then launched a crowdfunding campaign. To her surprise, it drew the attention of many community members, who decided to step forward and donate. In just two months, $32,360 was raised. “Every single one of us had a great time doing this.” This isn’t just for Lee. “Everyone benefited,” Angela said.

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