Two nursing home employees were caught on video abusing a 98-year-old grandmother.

Minnie Graham’s nursing home life was supposed to be peaceful. This 98-year-old woman was admitted to a nursing home with promises that she would miss nothing and would be constantly cared for and supported. Those assurances turned out to be false. Minnie began complaining to her family one day about how the staff was mistreating her. She went on to say that the staff’s treatment of her was appalling, particularly the nurse assigned to her care.

The family did not take these claims seriously at the time. However, other signs soon made them reconsider.The family soon witnessed something shocking. Minnie’s body was covered in bruises. Later, she appeared to have a black eye, which worried them. Minnie’s daughter and granddaughters were curious about what had happened. According to the staff, Minnie fell from her wheelchair and received the bruises.

They assured the family that there was nothing to be concerned about. But the family suspected there was more to it than they were told. The granddaughters were curious about what was going on. As a result, they decided to install a camera in Mannie’s room. The camera was concealed within a clock. After some time, the family witnessed something heinous. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

Brenna Tiller and Iwuchukwu Ekechukwu, two employees, were found to have abused their beloved grandmother. They were shown spraying water on Minnie’s face and forcing a cloth that had just been used to clean her body into her mouth in one of the videos. It took some time for the two cruel workers to be punished for what they did, but the family witnessed justice being served before Minnie died thanks to their initiative and determination.

According to Rasansky Law Firm, Ekechukwu was convicted of a felony and sentenced to five years probation, as well as having her nursing home license revoked, but Tiller continued to work at other facilities and authorities have been unable to locate her.

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