During a weather forecast, a man recognized his infant brother.

After more than 50 years apart, the family was reunited. It seemed unbelievable — 10 seconds changed the lives of not only two men, but also of many others. Randy Waits switched on the television to check the weather forecast. Blizzards were predicted, and he wanted to know how severe the weather would be in his area. Suddenly, he noticed a man with the same surname as him on the screen.

The host was taking a comment from a man named Waits, who resembled Randy’s late father, as Randy remembered him. KCRA TV told the story of a wonderful family reunion. Eddie was the name of the stranger who appeared so familiar at first glance — even their names were consonant, and it didn’t appear to be a coincidence. Randy told his daughter about the incredible case, and the girl launched her own investigation.

She recognized the man from the television and obtained his phone number. Randy called Eddie’s number for the first time a few days later. “Hi, aren’t we brothers by any chance?” it seemed insane. Eddie had the same father as Randy, but the guy had no idea his father had another family and that there was a child in that family. I had no idea that even though my father is no longer with them, he still has a family, a brother, a niece, and a grandson-a schoolboy.

Eddie talked about his family, especially his father, whom Randy had never met, and his brother eagerly absorbed information about his relatives. They quickly scheduled a meeting. They discovered that they had been living literally 50 kilometers apart for decades. But we never met: not in the supermarket, not on the city streets. Randy rushed to meet Eddie when he got out of the car, and the brothers hugged like brothers.

They were related; only fate had kept them apart for half a century. They intend to reconnect by spending every weekend together, and Eddie intends to become the best grandfather for his young grandson. “It’s like a sudden birthday,” the boy says. The two separated halves of the family have yet to merge, but they are already excitedly planning a reunion.

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