Youthful Grandma Shares First Date in 25 Years with TikTok Followers. Watch Lilian’s TikTok tips below.

Online content abounds. Some are educational, others hilarious.Grandmothers are so comforting that we want to be around them all the time. We also learn a lot from their wisdom.Her followers called 93-year-old Shelton, Connecticut TikTok influencer Lilian Dorniak “The Internet’s Grandmother”.

Her TikTok videos about dating advice and her daily life have over 8 million followers.Her “Get Ready With Me” video about her first date after 25 years was one of her best. She filmed her special event preparations and outfit.

After the date, she posted a follow-up video saying she wouldn’t date the man again because he didn’t open the door or get her a chair, two red flags she warned her followers to watch out for. Watch Lilian’s TikTok tips below.

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