Dolly Parton Answers the Most-Googled Questions About Herself

Dolly Parton has been one of the most popular singers and actresses in the United States for decades. Millions have fallen in love with her glitzy attire and down-to-earth persona. Her songs have been consistently successful, with 44 Top Ten country albums, a record in the industry. Dolly answers some of the most-Googled questions about herself in a wonderful “interview” of sorts, and the results are, of course, hilarious.

“Who does Dolly Parton look like?” is one of the questions she answers. She explains how she came up with her look, which was inspired by someone her town considered “trash.” But it’s difficult to believe anyone would say that about her! We also learn that, while she lightens her hair now, she was born with white-blonde hair, or a “cotton top” as she refers to her childhood self. And, while we’re on the subject, did you know her first album was released when she was only ten years old?

One question she doesn’t address is why she wears fingerless gloves, which you may have noticed. Though neither Dolly nor her management have confirmed it, the current speculation is that she is either covering up tattoos (of which she has many and is very private about) or concealing scarring. In the video below, Dolly Parton discusses her childhood, favorite foods, and much more.

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