This wonderful little girl stunned everyone with her appearance on her birthday.

The creativity of children is endlessly admirable. In their endless quest to explore their identities and the world around them, children are constantly creating, playing, and imagining. While it’s true that most kids enjoy playing dress-up as their favorite cartoon characters, princesses, or fantastic animals, there are always exceptions.

Headshot of adorable little girl with long brown hair and brown eyes.

Such as the peculiar wish of a 6-year-old American girl who, on her 100th day of kindergarten, wanted to emulate the appearance of… a centenarian. And the impossible happened for her. The baby’s parents put in a lot of time and effort to grant their daughter’s wish, and by morning, they had given her everything she would need to play the part of a centenarian.

To complete her “granny costume,” the young lady donned a wig and a pair of glasses. They also gave the child a cool make-up job, drawing on wrinkles, bleaching her eyebrows, and giving her cherry-burgundy lipstick to round out her lips (which, for some reason, almost all ladies of age adore).

The young lady quickly adjusted to her new role as a centenarian, going so far as to mimic the gait of the elderly. She impressed her kindergarten teachers so much that they called her “a star.” When compared to the children who had dressed as princesses or superheroes, her costume was a clear winner. In addition, no one understands what would cause a 6-year-old child to overnight transform into a spry grandmother with white hair. Yet she handled her part impeccably.

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