For Thanksgiving, a widow is given a new family.

The FOX5 Surprise Squad in Las Vegas is known for doing good for others. They occasionally go to their local grocery store and pay for the groceries of unscrupulous customers.Monica Jackson, a member of the Surprise Squad, met Miss Margaret on one of these outings. Monica approached the cash register to pay Margaret’s tab, and as the shock wore off, Margaret uttered the most bizarre thing.

FOX5 Surprise Squad Brings Thanksgiving To A Lonely Widow

Margaret wanted to pay it forward, so she asked Monica if there was anyone else who needed it more. Everyone who witnessed the grocery surprise was won over by her great attitude! Margaret revealed during the interview that she has no family in town, which the surprise squad couldn’t shake. So when Thanksgiving rolled along, they decided they wanted to do something special.

So the surprise team prepared a whole Thanksgiving lunch and arrived at Miss Margaret’s door.You’ll be moved when you see the smile on her face when she opens her door to this beautiful gesture. You’ll want to reach out and embrace Margaret after hearing her talk about her late spouse and her family being so far away.

FOX5 Surprise Squad Brings Thanksgiving To A Lonely Widow

It only adds to the sweetness that the Surprise Squad accepted her into their very special family. During the Thanksgiving holiday, it is time to reach out to people in need of a little family, and they did an excellent job!

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