A toddler drowns in a pool in Louisiana, and his older brother kneels and begins to pray.

Brandon and Courtney McKee of Louisiana had hectic work schedules and agreed that their two sons could spend some time at their grandmother’s. Max, 2, and his elder brother Brody were thrilled to be spending a few days at their grandmother’s house. Their grandmother lived on a large property with a pool and plenty of space to play.

Courtney felt a strong urge to pray for her children’s safety as soon as she dropped them off, and she sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit. Brandon recalled what had occurred: “Courtney just began to pray for our babies, for protection over our babies, pleading the blood of Jesus over their lives, not knowing what event, what happened the next day.”

Courtney received a call while at work the day after the couple dropped their children off at the enormous farm, and on the other end came some tragic news—Max had been found unconscious at the bottom of the swimming pool.According to Courtney, Max was playing with her mother, Brody, another cousin, and her sister-in-law. Courtney, a nurse, was at work at the time.

Max then exited the pool and desired to play outside. His grandmother let him play a few feet away from her until she discovered he wasn’t playing anymore. Brandon recognized at that moment that Jesus had accomplished a miracle on his son. He thanked and praised God. Max wore floaters in the water, but when he got out, his grandmother assisted him in removing them.

So, as Max was playing outside the pool, he went back to fetch some water to play with in a small bucket.Max, according to Courtney, fell into the pool when he leaned over to get the water. Nobody knows how long Max was in the pool when Courtney’s sister-in-law discovered him unconscious at the bottom. The mother of two recalls getting a frightened call from her sister-in-law at work, and hearing sirens and commotions in the background.

She stated that she immediately realized something was wrong, adding: “And it was at that point that she revealed to me that they had discovered Max at the bottom of the swimming pool.”Max was unresponsive when Courtney’s mother and sister-in-law discovered him at the bottom of the pool. They dragged Max from the pool, dialed 911, and tried everything they could to resuscitate him. Meanwhile, Max’s older brother Brody did all he could. He related:

“The only thing I could think of was to pray.” So I got down on my knees and begged God to help my little brother. Can you please just save him? Can you surround him with your protective angels? You simply assist him, Lord. Lord, keep an eye on him.” Max was revived and sent to Rapides Regional Medical Centre by ambulance, where physicians discovered that his lungs were bloated and full of fluid.

Courtney and Brandon also began the long drive to the hospital while praying for Max. Brandon recounted pleading, “God, please help my baby,” while Courtney remembered screaming out to God: “I almost begged him, God, I’ll do anything.” I’m not sure what you want from me, Lord, but please save my baby. Don’t take my child away from me. Lord, whatever you do, don’t take my baby.”

When Courtney and Brandon arrived to the hospital, they discovered Max clinging to tubes, cables, connections, and monitors. Max was raised and placed on his mother’s chest on the bed by the physicians.Courtney stated that she couldn’t stop weeping. She assured Max that he would be well, that Mommy was now with him, and that everything would be fine. Courtney was relieved to have Max back in her arms, and it felt like she was holding him for the first time.

When Courtney and Brandon’s community and church learned of Max’s plight, they flocked to the hospital, encircled the boy’s bed, and prayed for him. They prayed overnight, and Max showed great improvement the next morning. Max’s mother stated that she understood right away that her kid had no neurological abnormalities as a result of drowning and would be fine. ”

You knew at that point that our prayers had been answered, and God had really stepped in on behalf of our family,” Brandon said.Max recovered completely, much to the relief and joy of his parents and sibling. He told his parents one day that he wasn’t terrified while he was at the bottom of the pool. Courtney told Max that this was fantastic news since it demonstrated his bravery.

Max, on the other hand, astounded his parents when he said, “When I was in the bottom of that pool, Jesus held me.” Courtney and Brandon merely stared at each other, stunned. Max startled them even more when he inquired as to why Jesus had scratches on his hands, stating, “He had boo-boos and scratches on his hands and feet.” I’m not sure. They’ve arrived.”

Brandon recognized at that moment that Jesus had accomplished a miracle on his son. He praised and thanked God, realizing that people don’t often hear about miracles, but they do happen. Brandon claims that Jesus miraculously spared his infant while he held Max at the most vulnerable point of his two-year-old’s life. Max declared:

“It’s just me and Jesus, and Jesus is holding me as if he saved me in the pool.” “My name is Max, and I’m a miracle!”When Max’s tale was shared online, the family received messages of support. “God is great,” one person said, while another said, “Beautiful.” God bless you.” “That’s very true it happened to me too miracle happens every minute amen,” said another internet user.

Courtney now looks back on everything Jesus accomplished and how he rescued her kid from the ocean and is eternally grateful. Do you want more of this? Click here to read about a family who was losing their last son three years after their other son died. Mom prayed, and her kid was revived.

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