The 5 People Who Perished on the Titanic Submarine — Their Relatives Speak Out

The Titan, a submersible full with guests wanting to take a deep-sea tour of the area surrounding the Titanic’s remains, was destroyed. The submarine, operated by OceanGate Expeditions, entered the North Atlantic Ocean on Sunday, June 18. The vessel mysteriously vanished after they began their journey as planned.

Captain Jamie Frederick of the United States Coast Guard addressed the incident during a press conference, saying they began hunting for the vessel as soon as they lost track of it but couldn’t find any evidence of it. The craft only had about 40 hours of fuel left at the moment. Unfortunately, debris has been discovered, leading rescuers to suspect the submersible has collapsed.

The submarine began with 96 hours of air, and assuming nothing tragic had occurred to jeopardize their resources, they still had a reassuring quantity of breathable oxygen remaining. After losing communication with the Titan, rescue personnel were fast to begin their search, hoping to discover the vessel as quickly as possible.

Harding’s stepson, Brian Szasz, asked people to remember his stepfather in their prayers on June 19, the same day the Titan went missing.The “Polar Prince” was the ship tasked with conducting the initial search for the missing submarine. The Titan dove down to examine the sunken Titanic’s ruins, but rescuers were unsure where the ship eventually ended up. OceanGate requested assistance from the Coast Guard after being unable to locate the Titan.

Since the Titan went missing, there has been a deluge of information regarding the passengers. The vessel had five passengers, each of whom reportedly paid $250,000 to secure a place on the one-of-a-kind tour into the deep depths. All of the passengers were ostensibly experienced explorers with extensive diving expertise.Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate, is the Titan’s penultimate passenger.

The Titan’s passengers included UK billionaire Hamish Harding. Only two days before the journey, the British billionaire apparently announced on social media that he would be on the Titan’s passenger list. Harding was a seasoned pilot and businessman headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Harding previously stated that he grew up in Hong Kong with his parents and chose to attend Cambridge University.

While finishing his education, he became a pilot and later founded his own private aviation company, Action Aviation. This was also not Harding’s first venture into the unknown.Harding was not afraid to brave the deep depths of the ocean, as evidenced by his countless voyages. The industrialist has already braved the freezing regions of the South Pole, allegedly joining astronaut Buzz Aldrin on one of these hazardous expeditions.

In June 2022, Harding was also a part of the Blue Origin NS-21 mission. Despite the fact that Harding had no qualms about embarking on dangerous and potentially life-threatening escapades, the business magnate had relatives back home who were likely hoping to hear from him. Harding had two kids and two stepchildren with his wife, Linda Harding.

Hamish was described by his heartbroken family as “a loving husband to his wife and a dedicated father to his two sons.”Harding’s stepson, Brian Szasz, asked people to remember his stepfather in their prayers on June 19, the same day the Titan went missing. “Hamish my stepdad is lost in a submarine thoughts and prayers that the rescue mission will be successful,” Szasz wrote in one post.

The caption appeared beside a photograph of Harding. However, Szasz quickly erased his posts regarding his stepfather, citing his mother’s need for privacy. Szasz appears to want to follow in his stepfather’s footsteps and become a pilot one day.Aside from Harding, the Titan also carried a father and a son. The presence of Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman Dawood on the missing submarine has been confirmed.

Shahzada Dawood was one of Pakistan’s wealthiest persons, working in a variety of fields. Dawood was the vice chairman of Engro Corporation, Pakistan’s largest fertilizer company. He also founded Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited and the Dawood Foundation, both of which strive to increase education access in Pakistan. Dawood had a few hobbies in addition to his professional endeavors.

The businessman was a member of the SETI Institute’s board of directors as well as the British Asian Trust. Dawood’s kid was still in London completing up his studies. Dawood’s family spoke openly about the loss of their “beloved sons,” Dawood and his kid. asking, “Please continue to keep the departed souls and our family in your prayers during this difficult period of mourning.”

Although there has been scant information from the water depths concerning the submarine’s condition, a Canadian search plane has picked up some probable indications of life. Paul-Henry Nargeolet, a French diver, was the Titan’s fourth passenger. Nargeolet has had his fair share of experiences throughout the years as well. Nargeolet, who was born in Chamonix, France, moved to Africa and remained there for 13 years.

He eventually returned to France to complete his education. According to the Daily Mail, Nargeolet had previously made 35 excursions to the Titanic’s wreck and was considered one of the greatest specialists on the famous ship. Nargeolet led the first recovery trip to the Titanic’s depths in 1987. His family was devastated by his passing, stating that their “hearts are broken.”

Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate, was the Titan’s penultimate passenger. Rush is said to have joined the mission as a member of the submersible crew. In addition to being an active member of his company, the CEO co-founded the OceanGate Foundation, which aims to improve marine technology for the progress of research.

Rush was also one of the youngest people ever to earn their DC-8 Type/Captain’s rating, finishing the course at the United Airlines Jet Training Institute at the age of 19 in 1981. At Princeton University, he also studied mechanical and aerospace engineering. “We mourn the loss of life and joy they brought to everyone they knew,” OceanGate said of the passengers’ deaths.

A Canadian search plane detected “banging sounds” coming from the deep depths, giving rescuers hope that the passengers could still be saved. Unfortunately, all of the Titan’s passengers were ruled dead a day or two after the sounds were first heard,The United States Coast Guard said on June 22 that they suspected the Titan collapsed as it approached the Titanic disaster after discovering debris in the search area. The disaster claimed the lives of all passengers. OceanGate has requested that the public respect the mourning families’ privacy as they mourn.

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