This old house appears to have been abandoned for a long time, but wait until you go inside!

A series of images of a hauntingly abandoned house in Ontario, Canada, has gone popular, particularly among urban explorer clubs. Unlike most abandoned structures, which are entirely destroyed both inside and out, this abandoned house has a rather good interior!Even though the house has evidently been left unattended for a long time, the inside is in good condition, as if someone has been discreetly caring for it.

Despite the fact that it has been abandoned for a long time, the majority of the furniture is still well-organized! Freaktografi, an urban explorer photographer team, had gone to inspect the property further due to the bizarre and mysterious nature of the inside.

Here are some of the images they took while exploring the house. When you see these images, you will not believe your eyes!

From the exterior, the house appears to be an ordinary abandoned house. The interior design is stunning because some precious artifacts stay in the living room. A guitar and stereo system are still in fine shape if you look closely! In the same region, there is a huge piano that is in good condition despite being highly dusty. Someone must have recently eaten in the dining room!

Two years after Freaktography posted the photographs on their Facebook page, a Facebook user replied, “Interesting! Do you have any idea why the residence was left in such a state? It’s as though the family neglected to return to the house…”

“The woman who lived in the house has moved to another place to care for her sick friend,” Freaktography responded.

Sadly, her companion died, so the woman returned to her home, where she was surprised to find a group of urban photographers photographing her home.” The riddle has been solved! It appears that the house has not been completely abandoned all this time!

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