A legal document that has been found again explains possible reasons why the Titan submersible crashed.

On June 18, five guys got into a ship called the Titan that could go under water. OceanGate built the ship for a trip to see the wreck of the Titanic. Things went horribly wrong, which is a shame.When the Titan went down to the Titanic wreck on June 18, it lost touch with people on the surface. This meant that search and rescue teams had to be sent to find the people on board before they ran out of oxygen.

As the search went on, people all over the world kept an eye out, hoping that the ship would be found soon enough for the men to be saved and brought back to their families.When the five men got on the 21-foot boat on June 18, there was enough air for 96 hours. The US Coast Guard figured out that the ship would probably run out of air early on June 22.

The Titan submersible vessel in June 2023 | Source: Getty Images

Four days after the submersible went missing, it was revealed that all five men had “sadly” died. OceanGate said in a statement that they had lost: “During this terrible time, our hearts are with these five people and all of their families. We’re sad that they’re gone because they brought life and happiness to everyone they met.”

The company said it was a hard time for their workers, who were tired from trying to save people and were now grieving the loss of their CEO, Stockton Rush, and the four other people who were in the sub with him. It also said that it broke the hearts of people who knew the passengers and asked that they be left alone during this hard time.

A remote-controlled vehicle (ROV) found pieces of the Titan in the search area near the Titanic wreck, so it was thought that the five people on board were dead. The ship’s tail was the first thing the ROV saw. Then, four more pieces of the wreckage were found. Paul Hankin, an expert on the deep sea, agreed that the area where the wreckage was found was “unforgiving” and said, “The wreckage is consistent with the ship exploding in a catastrophic way.”

Hankin said that the teams would keep looking until they found answers that were more clear. As soon as rescue teams found the wreckage, they told the families of the five men on board. They then held a press meeting to tell the public everything they knew about what happened. After the accident, a new video showed OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush giving a tour of the Titan and talking about how it was built.

Rush told Alan Estrada, who made the movie last year, “I’ve broken some rules to make this.” He did not make sure the boat was safe enough.Rush, who wanted to be known as an innovator, said that there was a rule that said carbon fiber and titanium couldn’t be used to build the ship, but he broke that rule. He also talked about how he picked which laws to follow and which ones to break.

Rush also said that the ship’s glass window gets “squeezed” by the pressure as the ship goes down, and that it gives a warning if it’s about to break. Around the wreck, the water pressure is 6000 pounds per square inch, which is the same as two tons of force being put on an item. If a container couldn’t handle the pressure, it would collapse, letting water rush in.

So, some experts thought that the ship had structural damage because it didn’t meet safety standards before it set sail to see the 1912 shipwreck. Stockton also talked about how many tools the ship had, but he said that one day he hoped to make it so that it didn’t need as much human input. He said, “I hope that when you walk in, it will feel your movement and know who you are. You say, “Hello, Titan.”

It hears your voice and says, “Stockton, how deep are we diving today?” I say that we will go to 4,000 meters.”Rush admitted that he didn’t think of his submersible as an invention. Instead, he thought of it as an innovation, since innovation is the process of making a well-known use of an existing idea. Rush wanted ocean exploration to be as popular as space exploration, because he thought the future of people was in the ocean, not in space.

Why did OceanGate have to go to court? Rush agreed that he broke the rules when he built the submersible, but an ex-employee, David Lochridge, said that the ship’s lack of structural integrity is exactly why he is no longer working for OceanGate.In 2018, Lochridge was worried about a few things about the ship. One of them was that the window, through which the Titanic could be seen, wasn’t strong enough to handle the pressure at the depth it wanted to go.

The porthole was made to dive to about 4000 feet, but the Titanic is 13000 feet below the top of the water. But when Lochridge told them about his worries and his desire for more tests, they told him they didn’t have the tools to do so. Lochridge said that when he told his bosses about his worries about the safety of the submarine, instead of doing the tests and making sure people were safe, they fired him right away. This led to a lawsuit.

On June 15, Rush was in a picture with his wife Wendy Rush and other people from the OceanGate team. They all seemed happy and excited to be going on their trips. Wendy is related to a famous couple who died on the Titanic, which is a strange turn of events. She is the great-great-granddaughter of Isidor Strauss and his wife Ida, who were first-class guests on the ship in 1912 when it sank and killed thousands of people.

Isidor, who was born in 1845 and helped start the famous department store Macy’s with his brother, and his wife were two of the richest people on the Titanic. People who were on the ship when it sank said that Isidor wouldn’t get on the lifeboats until all the women and children had a place. His wife of 40 years, on the other hand, refused to leave his side.

The two people were seen standing next to each other as the Titanic went down. Then, when James Cameron made the movie “Titanic,” he told their story and showed them in bed together as the ship sank. This made them famous forever. In 1986, their great-great granddaughter Wendy married the CEO of OceanGate, and she has been on three trips with OceanGate. She works for her husband’s company as the Director of Communications and a member of the Expedition Team.

She went to Princeton University, according to her LinkedIn page, and she lives in Seattle, Washington. She has worked for the business for ten years.
During this hard time, the families of everyone on board have asked to be left alone. We are thinking of and praying for them as they deal with the sudden death of their loved ones.

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