A man filmed a crazy roller coaster ride, but when he zoomed in, he became frozen.

Jeremy’s video has been viewed by over 350,000 people. “I hope they shut this ride down after I reported this video at guest services,” he wrote on Facebook. It moves between two and four feet. “When we left, it was still running. [We] received confirmation that it was shut down for inquiry.”Riders speed past the shaking support structure of the ride, seemingly unaware of the impending peril.

Because of the moving structure, one worried viewer claimed Jeremy had saved “some lives” by photographing the tragedy. When Jeremy exited the park, the ride was still running (Photo: Facebook/Jeremy Wagner).A Carowinds official stated that the $30 million (£23.6 million) attraction would be closed for safety assessments.

Carowinds has indicated that Fury 325 is inspected daily, but has not confirmed whether the crack was discovered in the days preceding the ride’s closure. “Carowinds closed Fury 325 after park personnel became aware of a crack at the top of a steel support pillar,” stated a spokesperson. “The park’s maintenance team is conducting a thorough inspection, and the ride will remain closed until repairs have been completed.”

Our main priority is safety, and we appreciate our valued guests’ patience and understanding during this procedure. As part of our rigorous safety measures, all rides, including Fury 325, are inspected daily to guarantee proper operation and structural integrity.”

The breach was discovered by two park visitors, according to the Charlotte Observer. On Monday (July 3), inspectors from the Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau of the North Carolina Department of Labor will take a look at the ride.

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