In a year, the girl transformed her life and became a fitness celebrity. And this is how it all began.

Sarah Sapora, an American, had to radically modify her life after her parents were hospitalized a few years ago. She quit her job and came to New York to live with them. At the time, the girl worked 17 hours a day in the field of marketing and public relations; she had a very hectic schedule and no time for anything else.She sat at the computer almost all day, barely moving, and she began to notice that it was difficult for her to walk the block and a half from the parking lot to her house, and then to the hospital where her parents were being treated.

“I didn’t have any strength at all, my knees and back ached, I always felt a dull pain that I didn’t even pay attention to, because I was used to it,” Sarah explains. “Many simple things seemed completely unreal, and I didn’t even have to dream about my personal life.”That’s when Sarah realized something had to be done; things couldn’t continue like this. The young lady began to work on herself. She joined Instagram in 2016 and began posting brief training videos and images there.

And, for the time being, she is an accomplished consultant, with over 140 thousand followers on her @SarahSapora page.”The first step was completely conscious; I truly believed that if I let life change, it would change,” Sarah explains. The girl admits that it is sometimes tough for her, that she feels sorry for herself, that she wants to cry, and that this is perfectly normal!

The most important thing is to gather yourself in time and go on. You must work on yourself and not allow doubts and laziness to creep in! Sarah is working on her strength. And, while such activities may promote weight gain owing to muscle growth, the girl is unconcerned; she does it for her own enjoyment and enjoys being strong. Sarah had barely made it to the elevator before, but now she confidently walks the 6 stories with heavy luggage in her hands.

“It doesn’t seem like something wonderful to me, but I endure and just ignore all of the unpleasant sensations.” Sarah isn’t going to stop there, and she feels that when it comes to happiness, there are no “before” and “after” states.

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