Unbelievable!!! Woman Turns Boeing Plane Into Fully Functional Home. Take a look inside!

Buses, small houses, and shipping containers have all gained popularity as building materials for one-of-a-kind homes. These alternatives to traditional hotels provide the same degree of comfort at a fraction of the cost and with a variety of customisation options. But Jo Ann Ussery built her own one-of-a-kind home long before it was trendy. She purchased a disused Boeing 727 and converted it into an opulent house. Housing that is one-of-a-kind.Ussery’s home in Benoit, Mississippi, was destroyed in 1993, signaling the start of her journey.

Her husband had lately died, so she and her two children needed a place to live but didn’t have much money. She had believed that purchasing a trailer would solve all of her problems, but she quickly realized that she couldn’t afford a house large enough to accommodate her family of three.Bob, Ussery’s brother-in-law, is an air traffic controller and suggested that they live aboard an airplane.

Ussery was intrigued by the idea, so he went to inspect a Boeing 727 that was ready to be disassembled for parts. She was smitten at first sight, and the total cost, including shipping, was only $2,000.Ussery christened her Boeing 727 “Little Trump” after learning that Donald Trump also owned a private Boeing 727.She immediately began her costly and time-consuming house improvements.

Major renovations. She spent less than $30,000 (about $60,000 in today’s dollars) on the makeover. She needed to ensure that it remained in its current position while she worked on the inside. Ussery made use of an existing lake on her property by parking the plane such that the nose pointed out over the water. Because of this, a significant amount of concrete was required to secure the tail. She then began tearing down the almost 1,500 square foot interior.

The windows did not open, as is typical on commercial planes, but that was not a problem on the Ussery because it had air conditioning. She improved the insulation and installed new flooring. What exactly has been kept from the original 727?After the major modifications were completed, Ussery was able to focus on the finer details and extra comforts. The refurbished plane had three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and even a laundry room.

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