I am the most contented mother in the earth. A heartwarming adoption tale

After many fruitless attempts to conceive, some women relax and even discover positive features in their absence. Others believe that if you are unable to give birth, there is nothing wrong with adopting a child. That’s exactly what Victoria, 44, did. “I grew up in a large and welcoming family.”The family had four children. As a result, I couldn’t comprehend how a family could function without children.

During my final year at the institute, I married a wonderful man. The only thing that disturbed her was that she couldn’t have a child. All of my sisters, including the youngest, have married and had children. Almost all of the money we made was spent on hospitals and drugs.But there was no outcome. When it became evident that I would be unable to conceive, we were urged to use IVF.

Preparation, injections, egg collection, fertilization, and embryo implantation began. Then there was the anticipation that it would take root or that it would not take root. The first rejection occurred at the very beginning.I was four months pregnant the second time. I experienced a nervous breakdown after my second loss. I sat all day fixing a point, I stopped taking care of myself, and I gained a lot of weight.

The physicians advised us to try again. But my spouse was having none of it.I was entirely alone after six years of marriage. And I actually considered adopting a child. I started gathering documentation for adoption. And now I’m a mother. “The world’s happiest mother”

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