The children were abandoned first by their mother, and subsequently by their father. And What happened to them is touching.

You never know what will happen in your life, but you always hope for the best. Fedir and Masha had been legally married for five years and had a son named Misha during that period. Masha was pregnant again when Misha reached three years old. Because they couldn’t afford another child, Fedir realized they needed to make some changes. He acquired a new job and began commuting to work because the pay was excellent and satisfied him. Fedir had to leave with just over a month till the birth of their next kid.

Masha was furious, but Fedir insisted on leaving because they needed the money. When Fedir returned home a month later, he found no one there. He called his next-door neighbor, Petrivna, an elderly woman who told him that his wife had given birth to twins and had left them at the maternity hospital with a message for him. Fedir, perplexed, went to the hospital, where the chief doctor explained everything. His wife had been advised not to abandon the babies, but she opted to do it nonetheless.

Fedir was successful in bringing the twins home and naming them Kolya and Tolya. He didn’t know what to do next, so he sought guidance from Petrivna. She proposed recruiting a first-floor girl with a pedagogical education who was looking for work. Fedir took a chance and offered her the job, which she accepted after some convincing. Natasha, the girl, developed bonded to the boys and became an important part of their life.

Fedir proposed to Natasha over time, and they formally formalized their guardianship of the children. Natasha raised the boys as her own and they lived happily ever after. Fedir returned one day with a stunning revelation. He’d fallen in love with someone else and was on his way out. Natasha pleaded him not to take the children away, and he agreed, accepting that she was the children’s legal mother. Fedir left them the flat as a dowry but wanted Natasha to tell the boys about their father.

Natasha sold the flat and moved to a new neighborhood to protect herself and her children. They were a happy family, and the boys considered Natasha to be their true mother. Years later, Fedir abruptly reappeared, demanding money and asserting his parental rights. He tried to kidnap them, but the lads stood with Natasha, expressing their love and devotion to her. They informed him that he was no longer required and led him away. The warmth of a loving maternal heart flooded the room.

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