No Bake Preacher Cookies

Preacher Cookies are a cookie with an interesting name. And their name comes from a long time ago. Back in the day, a housewife might glance out the window and see the neighborhood preacher heading out on horseback. Not wanting to welcome the preacher into the family home without providing anything to eat, a housewife may prepare a batch of these easy no-bake cookies that would be set and ready before the preacher knocked.Peanut butter, oats, butter, and a touch of chocolate are all you need for a batch of Preacher Cookies.

Scoop out a spoonful and place it on waxed paper to set, then sprinkle with chocolate. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is delicious, and the oats add texture and depth to the biscuit. These really are quick to make, and all they require is a few minutes to set before they’re ready to serve. Whatever you call them, these cookies are delicious. We don’t need an excuse to whip up a batch; just a craving for something sweet.

Many people may know these cookies as cow patties, which is a bit nasty but quite true description of what they look like. While the concept of these cookies is out of date, the sense of friendliness is not. We still like to leave something out for guests to snack on when they come to visit. Although these simpler days are past, it is enjoyable to pass on these small customs to the next generation. The kids enjoy creating the cookies, and I appreciate any baking endeavor that does not need turning on the burner.

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