My brother and sister just came to visit my mother, and she handed them all of her money and jewels because she thought they needed it more now that they live in the city.

I was terribly hurt when the individuals I believed I could always rely on disappointed me. I assumed they would never abandon me or abandon me. My brother, sister, and I were the three children in our family.After graduating from university, I married and moved back to my hometown with my husband, Petro. I had intended to find a city husband, but fate had other plans for me. Petro was a dashing, confident man, and we adored each other.

We decided to live apart from our parents because Petro had his own house in our village. My brother and sister moved to the city and created their own families and homes. My spouse and I took care of my mother when our father died because we lived closest to her. Despite the fact that my mother did not treat me as well as she did my brothers and sisters, I took care of her since it was my responsibility.

My brother and sister recently paid a visit to my mother, and she gave them all of her money and jewels, figuring they needed it more because they lived in the city.This action saddened and astonished me because it was unexpected from my mum. She had already divided her property among her three children, but she had never paid me a dime for the time I had spent caring for her. I stood up quietly and left her house, no longer wanting to return or ask her for anything.

I didn’t know what to do because I couldn’t go permanently, knowing that my brother and sister would not come to look after her. Despite my mother’s disdain, I realized I had to keep caring for her. But it stung a lot that my efforts went unnoticed.

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