80-Year-Old Woman Says She Is Pure; Husband Wouldn’t Touch Her

Annostacia Mukarukaka, an elderly woman from Rwanda, has made the startling claim that she is still pure at the age of 80, despite having been married to a man for an undefined period of time. Mukarukaka has lost both of his parents. “I married a man, but he had affairs with other women.” “When I asked him why we didn’t sleep together, he ignored me and left,” she stated on Afrimax English.

Her childhood in Rwanda was ruined by the death of both of her parents. Losing her mother at the age of four felt impossible, but she found herself in the care of her grandma. A brief stay in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her grandmother died soon after, leaving the small child in the hands of an apparently evil stepmother. When the plan fell through, she fled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to earn a living.

“My family started telling everyone that I had died, and when I found out, I went back to my house, but when I got there, they thought I was a ghost because of what had been said about me,” she explained. “I was given medicine to keep me from bothering them, even if I was a ghost.” “I moved back in with my stepmother, but she still mistreated me,” Mukarukaka recounted.

Her father’s death exacerbated the problem for her, and this is how she ended up marrying the wrong man. She learned to live like this because she had no children, friends, or family. Why are Mukarukaka’s eyes swollen? “He kept sleeping with other women and taking property,” she explained. “I try to make things to earn money so that I can eat, but as you can see, it’s not easy.” “It can be difficult to get out of bed at times,” she explained.

When Mukarukaka is lonely, she glances at photographs of random individuals cut out of magazines, as though they are the people who ‘live’ with her. The octagenarian sleeps on a shaky bed, and the dishes she cooks with are the same ones she eats with. She lives in an ancient house and is concerned that it will collapse at any moment. Mukarukaka also suffers from critical head tremors, which she believes cause her puffy eyes every morning.

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