Creamed Chipped Beef Cheese Ball

A ball of cheese surrounded by buttery crackers has a beautifully rich feel to it. It can make any occasion appear and feel like a joyous party! With so much on our plates in our daily lives, it’s the small moments when we take time to enjoy one other that transform delicious meals into an opportunity for thankfulness and good times. With the cheesy, meaty flavors of this Creamed Chipped Beef Cheese Ball, we want to bring that kind of party to you and your loved ones.

We know this is a crowd favourite because it was devoured the moment it was placed on the table!The Worcestershire sauce heightens your senses, and the fresh sting of spring onions runs throughout, delicately diced so that they complement rather than overpower this delectable combination. We love how the vivid green onion and the scarlet color of the steak stand out against the white cream cheese. Even though it’s nothing new, Chipped Beef was a new experience for us.

Chipped Beef, a bygone foodstuff, was particularly handy in the army and during hard times dating back to the 1930s. Speaking of lean, the beef is chopped very thin and compressed, dried, salted, and cured to keep it fresh in a can or jar. Beef jerky, sausage, or cured salami are all excellent substitutes for chipped beef.

After all, when it comes to a cheese ball, there are no hard and fast rules! Please keep in mind when shopping for this short list of ingredients that not every brand of dried meat will be labeled ‘chipped beef.’ Some brands will say ‘dry’ or ‘cured’ meat, which is OK. This joyful dish is all about flavor and sharing it with people who matter!

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