At night, I opened my eyes because of a strange noise and saw that my grandmother had quietly gone to the kitchen. I decided to follow her, but I didn’t expect to see what I saw.

My granny has been alive for 72 years. She has experienced memory and hearing impairments as she has become older, and she frequently complains about numerous diseases. She has been walking with a cane at home for the past five years. I have to look after her because my parents are mostly at work.

We spend a lot of time together, and she enjoys passing on her knowledge to me. She has developed several idiosyncrasies as she has gotten older, such as collecting stones. She claims they are unique, yet they appear to be typical street stones.

My granny has been complaining about leg pain recently.She generally sat in one spot, and any movement was met with groans. We even sought medical attention. After inspecting her, he shrugged and said it was probably age-related and there was nothing he could do, recommending pain relievers and vitamins.

My grandma, on the other hand, did not improve.Even after a painkiller shot, she complained of agony and was unable to walk. She also had bad eating habits and complained about her stomach all the time. I decided to sleep on the couch last night. I was ready to fall asleep when I heard some quick footsteps. I became terrified.

My parents were at the cottage, so my grandmother and I were alone at home. She can’t even move her legs. I opened one eye to saw my grandmother moving her legs quickly and headed to the kitchen! She didn’t see me as she walked by. I made the decision to keep an eye on her.

I crept up to the front door and peered through the crack. My grandma opened the refrigerator and ate a cake she had refused to eat previously because she couldn’t digest it. I had to conceal my mouth so that I didn’t burst out laughing. I grew less serious about her complaints after that incident.

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