Three Cheese Quiche

My obsession with the modest quiche dates back to my childhood. It was one of the first recipes my mother assigned to me to prepare on my own. I can still see the battered recipe card put on the counter with a note demanding that I make one for dinner and bake it.

Quiche is a simple meal that requires little more than chopping and stirring.The essential components for most quiches are a pie crust, heavy cream (or half & half), and eggs. With meats, vegetables, and cheeses, you may go in a variety of directions. We chose a basic three-cheese quiche for today’s dish.

Who can resist insanely cheesy eggs and a flaky pie crust?We’ve also added some chopped yellow and green onions for some color and flavor. If your children aren’t fond of onions, some sliced ham or broccoli would be tasty substitutes.

While I grew up eating quiche for supper most of the time, there’s really no bad time to serve this up! It’s a breakfast favorite, and I’ve been known to sneak a slice from the fridge for lunch. This cheesy quiche is delicious hot or cold!

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