4 things that hurt a woman the most in a relationship

A man should understand something about women. They have a tender heart, clear thinking, and are easily hurt. There are many things that injure women that many men are unaware of. Today, we’ll look at the things that most hurt a woman in a relationship.

1. Distracted attention. A lady despises it when you are unable to offer her your whole attention. When you are more concerned with your friends or other things than with them. It pains a lady to see you don’t make time for them, but you can make time for other things.

2. Making out with other ladies.. It upsets a woman to witness her men flirting with another woman, even if they have no relationship with her. It hurts to witness it, which is why there is so much misunderstanding in some relationships. You may believe that it is nothing and that you can flirt with her because you have nothing in common.

But if a woman sees it, it will pain her deeply; they may appear to ignore it, but it will always resonate in her heart. She may conceal her feelings, but one day she will reveal them to you, and you may be startled. You can flirt with them, but not with another woman, particularly in her presence.

3. She is not proud of herself.. It saddens women to know you keep them hidden from your friends and family. It saddens them to see you not be proud of them in public. You just admire them in your room and disregard them outside of it. It upsets a woman to see you avoiding her, especially when someone is around you.

4. Lies. Knowing that her man is continuously lying damages a woman. When a man lies about their true identity in order to win them over, it damages them. As an example. If a man tells a woman that he has everything money can buy and then marries her, the woman will ultimately find out and it will pain her, and the lie may even lead to separation. All of these are the things that can most harm a woman. If you have any comments, please leave them below.

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