Brother Wants to Adopt His Little Sister After Dad’s Death, Finds Out His Wife Is against It

A man’s mental fight over whether or not to care for his younger sister was detailed in a Reddit post that was removed twice. The OP wanted to assist his wife in any way he could, but she had other plans. The OP and his wife had been married for two years when the OP’s father died unexpectedly, leaving his sister alone.

The OP acts more like a parent than an older brother because his sister is so much younger than him. When their father left on his tour, the OP’s younger sister was eleven years old. The OP and his wife had no children and had no plans to create a family in the near future. This was a dilemma because they didn’t want children. Following a heartbreaking death, the OP and his loved ones were faced with difficult choices. Unfortunately, the actions we made resulted in unexpected friction. According to the original post:

“My father died of pancreatic cancer.” My sister has two options: either I take her in or my uncle [dad’s brother]. So we asked her who she wanted, and she said she wanted me. The issue is that my wife and I opted not to have children.”They both agreed that it was a big decision and that the girl should be free to choose where she wanted to live. The child decided to remain with the OP and his wife.

The OP’s wife did not want children, and she made it clear that taking in his sister would result in a child. The woman claimed that she and her husband were not permitted to adopt the child since her uncle had previously done so. The OP claimed that he would not encourage his sister to stay with their uncle because she had indicated a desire to do so and he was concerned about her adjusting to life without their parents after their father’s death.

The decision greatly dissatisfied both the OP and his wife. But soon the OP told his wife that he was going to let his sister stay with them, whether she liked it or not. If she continued to reject him, he said, they would end up divorcing. After that, there was a long period of silence between them. In a subsequent update, the OP said that he and his wife had reconsidered their decision to divorce. Furthermore, he remarked

“She said you really are choosing your sister over me.”The OP reassured his wife that her interpretation of the situation was correct and that he had no interest in further discussing the topic. He elaborated that caring for his sister was his current priority. That was the final exchange between the OP and his wife. Also, “I have been staying with my sister for a week now,” he added. It’s tough being a father figure to my younger siblings, but I’m loving it.

Many commenters on the original article felt that the OP had done the right thing by his sister and that his wife was being insensitive by refusing to take in a homeless teen.If any of the thread’s readers were parents, they would do well to have a will in place designating a guardian for their children in the event of their untimely passing.According to another person’s account, their half-sister took them back to their childhood home after their parents died, but it was obvious that they weren’t wanted there.

At the age of 15, the person ran away, but neither their half-sister nor her spouse paid any attention to their disappearance.This user thinks that the OP and his wife should have divorced because his sister would have noticed any hostility against her if she had stayed in the household. Another person who does not have children said that it would have been a deal breaker for them as well. Some people backed the OP’s wife, saying she knew her limits and couldn’t handle caring for a child going through such extreme trauma.

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