This lady hasn’t cut her nails in 30 years. How does she live with them?

Long nails are always in fashion, but growing them can be a problem for many. 59-year-old Cornelia Adams not only achieved success, but also proved that it is possible to live perfectly with nails 30 cm long. This American woman started growing her nails in 1989 and since then they have not been touched by scissors.At first it was mostly because of the mother. The girl saw her mom’s long nails and wanted the same ones!

Cornelia, on the other hand, wanted her nails to be even longer than her parents’ and stopped filing them. Adams quickly adapted to the extreme length and has been content for the past 33 years. Others were perplexed as to how she managed to do housework with nails 30 cm long. Everything turned out to be very simple. Her knuckles are used for almost everything.

She does things like wash dishes, brush her teeth, and answer the phone. “When I need something, I bend my fingers and my nails fall on the inside of my hand.” So they don’t bother me at all,” explained our heroine. Cornelia’s only issue is with the kitchen. Nails make it difficult to turn croquettes in a frying pan or mix something.

Despite this minor issue, she refuses to part with such a long length of nails. She’s grown accustomed to her nails and can’t imagine life without them. “The best thing about long nails is that they draw attention,” Cornelia Adams says. This attention, however, is frequently negative. “How do you live with such long nails?” ask netizens. “Is it possible?” “How do you eat?” “Why torture yourself?”

“Let your hands look normal, with short nails, and so you look terrible”, “These nails of yours prevent you from doing homework”, “You probably scare away the people around you”. Cornelia responds enthusiastically to these remarks, attempting to convey that she is content and has nothing to worry about..

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