This baby was born with a lot of hair.

Alexis Bartlett, a newborn from Sydney, Australia, made headlines for an unexpected reason: she was born with an abundance of hair on her head. An ultrasound X-ray revealed that Alexis had a full head of hair just weeks after birth, much sooner than the typical one to two years it takes babies to grow their thick locks. At six months, her shoulder-length hair is practically enviable.

When Alexis’ parents first saw the ultrasound, they were surprised to see that she had hair not just on her forehead and back, but also on her buttocks! Fortunately, this characteristic is hereditary. Alexis’ mother also claims that she was born with similarly thick hair, making the adorable baby girl resemble her mother! So it’s no surprise that when Alexis hit the beach lately, she generated quite a stir among passers-by and beachgoers alike!

All eyes were on Alexis, who dazzled onlookers with her unique and gorgeous hair. Fortunately for all of us, more stunning images from this small fashion icon are on the way! A newborn born with a lot of hair is unusual. Because most children are born bald or with very little hair, seeing them with a full head of healthy hair might be startling. While some may believe that having a lot of hair on your infant is unusual, it has many benefits.

Because their sensitive skin is better shielded from the elements, having more hair can assist in keeping the child warm and comfortable during the winter months. Extra locks also imply fewer tangles over time, which means less brushing time for parents and less discomfort for the child. Furthermore, because most parents want to offer their newborns with everything they need for optimal growth and development, baby products like shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers are specifically made for children born with thicker manes.

When parents have more hair to work with, it may be easier for them to create imaginative hairstyles for their newborns as they grow older. If you apply the proper maintenance and styling practices, your baby’s luxurious locks can be a source of joy as you watch them grow up. And, while having a lot of hair does not guarantee that your kid will look like a model, it will always have excellent head coverage!

While others may find it humorous to mock your baby’s hair, keep in mind that it is a blessing that should be celebrated. After all, having a lot of hair on your baby may make them feel more comfortable and look their best. So remember to thank God for the wonderful gift of more locks!

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