This man’s wife went to a friend’s birthday celebration for the day,  and he went after her. And what did he see there?

Sashko and Tanya have been married for two years. They have two lovely daughters. They both have favorite careers and like traveling together. Everything appears to be in order, yet something has been off recently. They met during a convention. Sashko was on a business trip at the time, and their connection bloomed swiftly, resulting to a proposal within a few months. They ended up residing in Tanya’s hometown, where she didn’t have to adjust too much.

Sashko, on the other hand, had no connections or contacts in the new city.Tanya informed her husband one day that a friend had invited her to a birthday celebration and that she would be late. Sashko was upset, but he didn’t express his displeasure to his wife. Tanya had been spending a lot of time with her pals recently. These were not just casual get-togethers, but rather frequent excursions to diverse locations.

Sauna visits, cafe visits, and other activities are available. Sashko was becoming uneasy about it. On that particular day, he decided to follow Tanya to a café to observe with whom she was spending her time. He was taken aback when he arrived. Tanya was seated at a table with a man. He managed to keep his emotions in check in order to avoid generating a disturbance and decided to leave.

Sashko said nothing to Tanya when she returned home. He wasn’t prepared for such a discussion. Furthermore, he worried about losing her because he adored her. His wife remarked a few days later that she would be going out with her pals again. Sashko invited her to join him for dinner at his home. She declined, stating that they had already made arrangements. Tanya, on the other hand, called him three hours later and begged him to come over.

When Sashko arrived, he contacted his wife, who directed him to the flat. Tanya had been organizing their wedding anniversary celebrations. She’d leased a lovely apartment, prepared a magnificent table, and invited Sashko’s pals from his hometown. Sashko’s happiness was overwhelming.

On the one hand, it seemed like a big weight had been lifted off his shoulders, but on the other hand, it was such a delightful surprise. He felt bad for guessing and doubting his wife’s motives. She was angry at first, but she promised to spend more time with him. By the way, the cafe guy was only a master of ceremonies for their events. That’s the plot.

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