The parents put the little girl in front of a tough choice, making the Internet laugh.Saw her video and you will smile

On the internet, there are several videos depicting youngsters. Young parents are increasingly creating pages on various social networks and uploading videos of their families and children. Children’s participation videos are especially popular. Their innocence and purity are attracting an increasing number of users and garnering a large number of views.

However, there are a few that leave no one unmoved. A young family posted one of these movies. Their baby girl is only seven months old and has already begun rolling onto her stomach. The parents decided to see which parent the infant preferred: mom or dad. They also activated the camera on their phone to record everything. But they had no idea how the toddler would react. Dad put his palm in front of the baby as she rolled from her back to her stomach and stretched out to her parents.

When his daughter tried to hold his hand, his mother did the same. And this is what happened: the infant paused before making a decision and began staring at either her mother or father. The helpless baby couldn’t pick which hand to take. Children are naturally sensitive beings. Their love is unadulterated and unlimited. They cannot love one of their parents more than the other.

As a result, our little heroine was so perplexed that she didn’t want to offend either her mother or father. She had no idea why she had been put in this circumstance. This video attracted a lot of attention. No one could take their eyes off the adorable young girl, who glanced at her parents with wide-open eyes. They decided to stop torturing the infant with these trials and instead film a documentary about how the baby grows and changes.

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