This Father and daughter sang a song in the car and received a lovely video.This video is really make you feel happiness

Now, I’m the type of person who goes all out when they hear a song they like on the radio, and I don’t care if anyone is listening. And based on what I’ve seen in this video, this father and daughter share my sentiments. They take it to a whole new level!

Cole LaBrant frequently posts amusing videos on his YouTube channel and has become somewhat of an internet celebrity as a result. He invited his stepdaughter, Everleigh, for a car ride and more in this video. This father-daughter team put on a fantastic performance that will brighten your day and warm your heart.

Cole and Everleigh did a sequence of amusing dancing routines and facial expressions for each song played on the radio. For each song, these two have a highly successful wardrobe as well as dance to match the music. Although the video is short, it has some of the funniest performances from a wide range of musical genres.

We’re not surprised that millions of people witnessed their shenanigans, but we’re grateful they did. Please watch the next video to see for yourself how talented this couple is at making us laugh!

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