Shakira delivered an astonishing revelation following her divorce. “The life of a single mother and the rhythm of a pop star are incompatible” and here’s why

In a recent interview, singer Shakira revealed that her ten-year marriage to footballer Gerard Piqué hampered her music career. She had to go to Barcelona to be with her beloved and their shared children, which substantially affected her star-studded logistics.She had to continuously invite colleagues from America to work on new songs and shows in Spain, and not everyone could make the journey.

This hampered her career as a singer significantly. She has since divorced her partner and relocated her children to the United States. Instead of career advancement, she has had to deal with the difficulties of being a single mother.”I haven’t released an album in six years.” Now I can compose music more quickly, though I sometimes feel like a single mom’s life and the rhythm of a pop star are irreconcilable. “I need to put my sons to bed and then go to the recording studio—all in one day,” Shakira told Billboard.

“It’s a constant juggling act when you don’t have a husband who can stay at home with the kids because I like to be a real mom, and I need to be with my children every minute: taking them to school, having breakfast with them, bringing them to their games.” In addition, I need to make a living.” Due to the player’s adultery, the singer and the footballer divorced in the summer of 2022. Milan, 10, and his brother Sasha, 8, are the renowned couple’s children.

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