Very Rude Hairdresser Gets Put In Place By Customer

Some people have an optimistic outlook, seeing beauty in everything, whereas others have a persistently pessimistic outlook on life. Although it appears to be an easy effort to express true delight for others, for some, observing the joy of others becomes a cause of discontent. This story about a hairdresser is an excellent example. When a woman enters the hair shop, she enthusiastically reveals her plans for a vacation to Rome with her husband with the dubious hairdresser.

“Rome? “Why would you want to go there?” The hairdresser is questioned. “It’s filthy and overcrowded.” You’ve got to be insane. “How are you going to get there?” “We booked a flight with Continental,” the woman says firmly. I got a great price!” The hairdresser scoffs, “Continental?” “That airline is awful. Their planes are old, the flight attendants are unattractive, and they are always late. So, where are you going to stay in Rome?”

We’ve chosen a charming spot by the Tiber River called Teste,” she said. “Save your breath,” says the hairstylist. I’m familiar with the location. It may appear elite, but trust me when I say it’s a dive.” Undaunted, the woman explains her ambitions to visit the Vatican and, if she’s lucky, see the Pope.”Good luck with that,” the hairdresser says with a giggle. There will be a million other people attempting to see him. He’ll resemble an ant.

“Your trip is doomed to fail.”A month later, the woman returns for a new hairstyle, prompting the hairdresser to query about her trip to Rome. To the amazement of the hairdresser, the woman relates a lovely encounter. Their Continental trip was on schedule, the jet was brand new, and owing to overbooking, they were upgraded to first class. Despite their initial suspicion, the hotel had recently undergone a $5 million refurbishment, which included a free stay in the owner’s room.

The hairdresser, unimpressed, mutters, “Well, you probably didn’t get to see the Pope.” Contrary to popular belief, the mother admits, “Actually, we were quite fortunate.” A Swiss Guard contacted me when I was touring the Vatican and urged me to wait in the Pope’s private room. Five minutes later, the Pope himself entered, shook my hand, and even spoke to me.” “What did he say?” the hairdresser inquires, intrigued. “He asked me, ‘Who messed up your hair?'” says the woman, smiling.

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