Should the door to the washer stay open? The usual mistake that can cost you a lot of money

It’s not a bad habit to leave the door to the washing machine open after using it. In fact, it’s a smart way to avoid unpleasant surprises and costly fixes. This is why you should leave the door to the washing machine open: Stay away from mold and smells: If you leave the door open after washing, the inside of the washer can dry faster and get more air flow. Mold and bad smells can grow in clothes that still have moisture inside after being washed. Mold and smells will not grow as much if the door is left open.

Seals and drum drying: The washing machine’s rubber seals and drum can get ruined if they are wet for a long time. You let these pieces dry all the way through by leaving the door open. This will help the washing machine last longer and keep you from having to pay for expensive fixes. To stop rust from forming: When metal parts of the washing machine are exposed to steady moisture, like drum attachments and springs, rust can form. Rust doesn’t form as easily when the door is left open, which makes the machine work better.

The soap drawer may stay damp after the wash cycle if it doesn’t get enough airflow. By keeping the door open, you let more air flow through, which helps the detergent drawer dry and doesn’t leave any wet marks behind. One tip for leaving the door open is to do so for a few hours after each wash! Take out the laundry drawer so that that area can dry better too.

Clean the washing machine’s seals and other parts often to get rid of buildup. Leaving the door to your washing machine open is an easy but important thing you can do to keep it clean, extend its life, and make it work better. Doing this every time you do your laundry will keep your washing machine in good shape and help you avoid costly fixes and bad smells.

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