To make his in-laws happy, my son didn’t invite me to his wedding. I told him to leave my house.

One man looked on the internet to see if it was fair that he kicked his son, his future daughter-in-law, and her parents out of his house before his son got married to the woman. A man from New Jersey bought his son a four-bedroom house in Pennsylvania when the son decided he didn’t want to move back to New Jersey after college and wanted to stay there. The man thought the house was a good investment because they could visit it from time to time to spend valuable time with their son while their son was in Manhattan for work.

The original poster (OP) took care of the house’s taxes, services, and repairs, but his son was in charge. Both men were happy with the deal until the man’s son met the woman who would become his wife. While living in the house in Pennsylvania, the young guy met a woman. They quickly became serious about each other. He asked her to marry him, and she agreed. They then moved in with his dad.

When the young man’s family met the woman who would become his wife, everything seemed fine. But things began to go badly when they talked about the wedding. What went wrong with the wedding. For the families of their son and new daughter-in-law to get to know each other and enjoy the engagement, the family held a “get to know you” barbecue at their home in Pennsylvania.

At first, the barbecue seemed to be going well, and everyone from each family was getting along fine until the young man’s fiancée, her mother, and sisters, as well as the OP’s wife and daughter, came into the house with them. Soon after everyone came in, the OP’s wife and daughter came out of the house and looked very upset. The OP was told that they were leaving right away to go back to New Jersey, but they wouldn’t say why.

The OP didn’t ask the women in his life any more questions. Instead, he got in the car and drove them home. He found out what went wrong after they got home and the women had time to cool down. The future bride’s family was in the OP’s house with his wife and daughter. They told the OP’s family that they weren’t “their kind of people” and weren’t welcome at the wedding.

The OP was shocked by this and called his son to ask what he thought about it. He said: “He tells me that her family doesn’t want us to come to the wedding because they think we’re not good enough and will make them look bad at a family wedding.” The OP took a week to calm down after the phone call. He then drove from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to talk to his son in person, but what he found there shocked and angered him.

What did the man find in his home? The OP went to his Pennsylvania home and found his future daughter-in-law and her family living there. It looked like they had moved in without telling him, since his son had not told him. It was the family of his future daughter-in-law who asked him why he was there. He explained that he had not been invited to the wedding and was there to talk to his son. After that, they told him to leave. The OP said it:

“I lost it, and I told them they had 30 days to leave.” Tell my son that I’m selling the house so he can move in with you all. I put the house on the market with a town real estate agent. His fiancée called him at work to tell him what happened because she thought the young man owned the house, not his father. The OP’s son wasn’t home at the time. The OP’s son then called and asked why he was selling his house. The OP told him that his son was living there for free and that he should leave because he didn’t want to be around his family.

According to the OP, “in-laws seem to take over and we no longer count.” A lawyer would evict the young man, his fiancée, and her family in 30 days if they didn’t leave. People who saw this post responded and gave the OP tips on what to do. How did people feel about what happened? What people who saw this post told the man to get a lawyer right away and said he wasn’t being unfair. Instead, people thought the OP had every right to kick them all out. Here are some of what they said: The dad got his son, his fiancée, and her family out of the house. Was he right to do that? What would you have done if you were the OP?

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