This woman’s mother-in-law refuses to eat the Thanksgiving dinner she prepares and intends to bring her own food.

Someone planned to have Thanksgiving at her house and spent the whole month making the food. She carefully gathered all the items she would need and planned a lot of different dishes to serve.But her happiness was ruined when her husband told her out of the blue that his mother was going to bring her own dinner. This is what the woman said.A woman who didn’t want to be named went to Reddit’s “AITA” thread on November 23, 2022, to tell her story.

The 32-year-old woman decided to have Thanksgiving at her house that year. She planned the meal and tested her recipes for a whole month. She was excited because she couldn’t wait to share her food with her family. Her 35-year-old husband was there for her and helped with planning and getting ready. She planned a wonderful range of dishes, including some classic favorites and some new ones. All the ingredients had been bought.

The shocking news from her husband. The woman posted her Reddit story on the same day that her husband told her that his mother wanted to bring her own dinner when she came to visit. The woman was confused and asked why she had to go because she had already made more than enough food at home.As a result, her husband called her rude and mean, and he said she ruined the holiday.Her husband said it was okay because his mother was a “grade A picky eater” and wouldn’t “like” anything the woman made.

She thought this line of thinking was silly and said that her food was well-known and had lots of options. Even though she didn’t want to, he thought his mom bringing her own food was a “good compromise.” The woman didn’t agree because she thought it would be a clear comment on her cooking. It would be embarrassing for her when her mother-in-law ate something completely different in front of everyone, making it look like she wasn’t happy with her cooking.

The woman thought her mother-in-law’s request was very rude and insulting, since she had spent a lot of time, money, and effort making the meal. She was angry, so she told her husband that his mom could stay home and eat whatever she wanted if she couldn’t eat anything at their house. As a result, her husband called her rude and mean, and he said she ruined the holiday. The woman, on the other hand, saw it another way.

She only wanted to be with loving and appreciative family and friends. She didn’t want to be with someone who would be mean to her after all the hard work she put into her food. The woman saw getting ready for Thanksgiving as a real work of love, and she gladly took on the duty to show her family and friends how much she loved them. She wondered if she was wrong to not want her MIL to come if she was going to turn down everything she had planned.

The woman told people what she was going to serve for Thanksgiving when they asked. Traditional foods like roasted turkey, stuffing, and rich mashed potatoes were on the menu. For a more classic touch, she planned to serve potatoes au gratin, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. She had made roasted carrots, apple butter-filled baked bread rolls, and roasted squash with goat cheese as a fun twist.

As savory choices, there was a honey-glazed ham and braised short ribs. For something different, there were spinach, bacon, and feta cheese pies, a special lasagna with white sauce, and stuffed mushrooms. There were going to be pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and apple pie as desserts to please people’s sweet tooth. The woman was shocked and asked how her mother-in-law could not eat any of the food on the table.

In an update to her original post, the woman said she was thankful for all the responses and asked everyone to please share their thoughts. She admitted that the replies had hurt her, but she chose to “kill her with kindness” instead. Even though she was stressed out and tired, her main goal was to make sure everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. She was going to let her mother-in-law know she was welcome and then focus on her other guests and ignore anything bad.

The woman made up her mind that her MIL would not ruin her day. She chose to be the bigger person for her family. She said that she was still annoyed, but she was still hoping that her mother-in-law would try something new and enjoy it. In any case, she said it would be fine even if her MIL didn’t like anything.

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