This Amazing kid Hears Grandma Say “Bad Word” And Throws The Cutest Fit.

Her given name is Josephine, but her family refers to her as “Josie the D.I.T,” or “Diva in Training.”Josie’s father has been posting recordings of his darling daughter doing amusing and/or cute things for more than nine years. One of their most popular films, Old McDonald Had a Farm, was shot when she was 23 months old and has over 13 million views. We do, however, have another personal favorite!

In this video, tiny Josie earned the label “Diva” by scolding her grandmother for speaking “a bad word.””I’m not talking to Mimi,” she tells the camera. “Because I’m very upset!” She’s not fooling around. “It’s not funny, Mimi!” she exclaims, her face scrunched up, evidently taking this very seriously. “I told you!” But the moment she describes how she intends to handle the problem with her grandmother is wonderful.

“I’m going to tell my mommy and daddy when they pick me up,” Josie added. “And then I’m going home to rest, and then I’m going to be upset.” No one in the room can stop laughing as they ask her why she’s unhappy, and she says, “Because she’s saying bad words to me!” Check out the video below to find out what “bad word” irritated Josie, and please share with a friend.

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