I heard my husband complaining to his parents that the food I cook is just fit for pigs. And what I did surprised them all.

A wife claimed that her husband couldn’t cook and didn’t enjoy her country’s food. So she made a compromise and learned to cook some of his favorite meals. But she was surprised one day when she overheard him making disparaging remarks about her cuisine in front of her in-laws. A wife turned to Reddit to complain about her husband’s disrespectful and insensitive behavior during dinner with her in-laws.

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His remark hurt so much that his wife resolved never to cook for him again.To begin, the wife stated that she and her husband came from different cultural backgrounds. Her husband couldn’t cook, but he didn’t like the food from her country, so the Redditor decided to learn how to create his favorite meals to meet him in the middle. The spouse seemed to enjoy his wife’s extra effort and praised her cuisine. He’d even encourage her to keep learning how to cook more meals.

The woman was eating dinner with her in-laws one day. She excused herself to go the restroom, but when she returned, she overheard her husband utter something surprising.His father encouraged him to slow down and inquired whether his wife prepared for him because he had been eating a lot and fast. “My husband claims that I cook for him, but the food I prepare is only fit for pigs, not humans.” “I was hurt and offended,” the woman admitted.

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The Redditor was taken aback when she heard her husband utter something so cruel. She approached him and declared that she would never cook for him again. The wife grabbed her pocketbook and announced that she was going home. When her husband returned home, he apologized for hurting her. In fact, he told his wife she should be grateful since it indicated he was still willing to eat her cuisine, even if it wasn’t flawless. “He said he was trying to protect my feelings, and I hurt him when I said I wouldn’t cook anymore,” the Redditor wrote.

The wife returned with an update. She had no idea her tweet had gone viral, but she revealed that her spouse was now living with his father, and everyone believes she overreacted.
Her spouse interpreted the decision as a “threat” and claimed that she was “starving” him. As a result, he resisted by staying with his father. However, the Redditor refused to budge.”

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I told him he could stay as long as he wanted after he said he wouldn’t be back until I returned to cooking, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.” “He can stay there, no worries,” she said again.Her husband’s rude remark strained their marriage, and the wife now worried if she was wrong to refuse to prepare for him after what he said about her meals.

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